Using Data & Mathematics to Create Effective Solutions for Transportation Businesses

Leading Technologies

Fast AI/ML algorithms trained on large data sets – more than 200 million km and 25 million deliveries from 2016

Rigorous Engineering

From a team of engineers who built spacecraft telemetry systems


Immediate Results

We create ready-made solutions which are quick to deploy and require minimal integration efforts. You get the economic effect right away.

Not-for-everyone Solutions

ABW Dynamics solutions are most effective for companies that are doing well, but need 20% better.

Transport Has to Work

In a highly competitive environment, each division in the company should work as efficiently as possible.

We help to reduce accidents, downtime / overruns, save on maintenance and fuel, as well as ensure predictability and transparency of all processes in fleets.


Financial Effect

Save up to 50 000 USD per year on service, fuel and mileage. And up to 75 000 USD by reducing the simplicity and increasing output from each car.



Provide continuous automated control of your driving style, which will prevent drivers from hitting and crashing the car, which reduce its resource.



Control the cost-effectiveness of each delivery and the reasonableness of all costs. Downsize your spare parts warehouse and get accurate cost information for 1-3 months in advance.

ABW Dynamics Solutions

Route optimization

We reduce the cost of delivery, solve the problem of congestion of logisticians, help jewelry to get into the windows of delivery and increase output per car with the help of AI-optimization of routes.

We help deliver orders on time, speed up route planning and reduce costs

The system is adapted for high loads. It takes only 10 minutes to plan every thousand route points with more than 40 parameters taken into account. Build routes with the minimum number of vehicles involved, the minimum mileage and taking into account the arrival at the points within the delivery windows.

Create real-time reporting on delivery quality

Detailed information for each vehicle and point within the route: arrival time, unloading time, reasons for being late (if any), online notification when there is a risk of being late, storing history for each point throughout the year.

Broad analytical functionality

The set of reports allows to receive the information on financial efficiency of each delivery, reasons of delays, to estimate influence of quality of delivery on each of clients, to form the cohort analysis on groups of clients. The module with planning of loading will show as a thermal map zones in which delivery of production with the minimum overhead costs is possible.

We control the quality of delivery by each driver and manage their motivation

Each trip and each delivery is tied to the driver, which allows to assess the quality of the work as a whole and identify anomalies – points where a particular driver is delayed. The module allows you to easily build the process of the motivation of drivers – bonuses for satisfied customers and delivery on time, fines for delays.

Integration with industrial systems and with internal accounting tools

The solution integrates with all common ERP and CRM systems. The integration process is carried out by our specialists in a few days. You get a seamless data exchange and the effect of implementation in the first month of work.

Predictive Maintenance

We help to repair the vehicle in advance before it is not on the line, reduce the accident rate, reduce downtime in repair, provide full transparency of costs and budget in the fleet.

Providing information about breakdowns before the transport enters the trip

The system will warn you of any breakdowns long before they occur, which will allow you to prepare in advance for repair and do it routinely. AI/ML algorithms monitor more than 200 parameters and provide 86% accuracy of predicting technical condition on the horizon of 1 month.

Control of safety and technical correctness of driving

The system evaluates the loads applied to the car in 3 axles (acceleration and braking, sharp maneuvers, driving on rough roads), as well as the parameters of the car (gear shifting, engine speed, load, etc.). It gives the chance to understand precisely quality and correctness of driving by each of drivers and not to allow considerable reduction of a resource because of careless or incorrect operation.

Shorten downtime and reduce the hiring of third-party vehicles

Failure warnings help make minor repairs (such as flushing the radiator instead of overhauling an overheated engine), which reduces downtime due to complex repairs. Functioning vehicles require fewer outside orders to complete the daily workload.

Reducing maintenance, repair and fuel costs

Timely repair reduces the need for capital repairs, and a good car and neat driver in general provide savings of 2 to 8% of fuel consumption.

Transparent accounting and budgeting

Assessment of the residual resource and wear of each car node with constant monitoring of loads and operation allow to build an accurate model of costs for the entire fleet, which includes. Detail it up to each particular car.

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Why Our Solutions Are Better

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms we create efficient, scalable and previously unavailable technologies for the transport industry.

Traditional Solutions

Traditional solutions are limited to notification of the need for repetitive work, control of maintenance periods and misuse of vehicles.

The development order from integrators implies a long development of the technical specifications and the solution itself. And most importantly, the expertise of the solution is built only on the experience of transport operation in a particular vehicle fleet.

AI/ML-Driven Solutions

Our technology analyzes more than 200 parameters and comes close in efficiency to an experienced technical engineer, as if sitting in every car. Wide use of machine learning algorithms allows the solution to adapt to each customer’s needs, automatically doing the same thing that integrators do long and expensive.

And of course we are able to do all the same what the best integrators do.


The specifics of different industries

Food producers

Optimal delivery process:

  • Reduce mileage by 10-25%.
  • Reduce the need for a fleet by 10%.
  • Increase the hit in delivery windows up to 96%.
  • Control the thermoprofile.

We reduce costs, increase customer loyalty and volume of purchases.

Transportation companies
  • Control the correctness and accuracy of driving.
  • Get notifications of upcoming repairs.
  • The forecast of the costs for the fleet.

Reduce accidents and breakdowns in flights. Simplify paperwork.

Agrarian business and special vehicles

A way to avoid expensive repairs:

  • Reducing the cost of repairing and buying vehicles.
  • Increase the availability factor of the entire park.
  • Assessment of compliance with maintenance works.

We reduce the cost of maintenance, downtime and improve the quality of work.

Trading and Distribution

A new approach to customer service and sales control:

  • Creation of routes taking into account all the nuances.
  • Distribution of points by sales representatives and control of the visits.
  • Keeping the vehicle fleet in working condition.

We increase customer loyalty and staff efficiency.

Car manufacturers and dealers

The best way to communicate proactively and upsales:

  • Notification of customers about maintenance and repair needs.
  • Automation of maintenance requests.
  • Automation of upsales of additional services taking into account the client’s profile.

We reduce the churn and increase the margin of the service station area. 

Leasing companies

History of operation and maintenance of leased vehicles:

  • Control of financial risks.
  • Forecast of decline in value.
  • Prediction of receivables risk.

Decrease the number of vehicles lost in accidents.

Integrations Possible

… and a couple of dozen more. 

Implementation Cases

18% of cars came back “dead”

Result: 920 000 USD of additional revenue for every 1 000 cars. 

Leasing company

Inefficient delivery planning: 180 vehicles had difficulty delivering at 2,200 delivery points.

Result: savings of 600 000 USD per year due to a 19% reduction in mileage and a 20% reduction in transport involved. The additional revenue from the released vehicles is 900 000 per year. Satisfied customers.

Food producer

Write-off of 11% of the fleet after traffic accidents and overstated repair costs.

Result: savings of 240 000 USD on purchase of new cars per year and 210 000 USD of annual savings on repair and outsourcing of orders for every 100 cars.

Retailer company


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Is the solution available outside the Russian Federation?

The software is available without restrictions. In some cases it is necessary to install the terminals on vehicles. At the moment the devices are served in the western part of Russia. Installation and maintenance in other districts and countries will be available by the end of 2020.

What vehicle is the system suitable for?

The product has been tested on more than 800 models of passenger cars, more than 100 modifications of trucks and light vehicles. The solution is successfully applied on special vehicles – from tractors to combines, from forestry vehicles to machines serving urban areas.

How is efficiency guaranteed?

During the initial audit, we take the control group of your vehicles and data available. As a result, we generate a report with the detected points of inefficiency and planned economic effect of implementation.

After the pilot implementation is carried out on a limited number of cars, which allows for small investments to check the efficiency.

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